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Shelby Rosabal is a Cuban-American interdisciplinary multimedia artist from Tequesta (Miami, Florida). Rooted in healing modalities, ancestral knowledge and liberation, their most current work focuses on the dynamic intersections of social justice, activism, painting, ceramics and tattooing.

Shelby is a self-taught queer artist studying trauma informed tattooing, birth, grief and death doula work. She is an advocate for gender equality and liberation of all people. At the forefront of her work is a commitment to creating welcoming space for clients through the ritualistic act of tattooing. In this pursuit, the aim is collaboration grounded in somatic and harm reduction principles through the holding of thoughtfulness and empathy.  Shelby believes that in holding space through art for all invites people to reimagine collective futures, connect with the body or simply indulge in self-care. Shelby visions art and change as a form of magic. Whether collaborating in skin spells centered on community, pleasure and healing, focusing on solitary internal work with clay,  painting symbols or crafting textiles, the intention is growth, healing, connection and change. 

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